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Monthly Archives: October 2007

Clint and Rhonda

Okay, I got carried away with this post, but there were just so many photos I loved from the beautiful wedding this past weekend! Again, I was just second shooting with Country Lane Photography being the main head photo gurus ;o) This wedding showcased the beautiful colors of fall in a gorgeous rural setting. It’s […]

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Posing posies

Okay, I don’t photograph “things” – I do people, it’s what I love to do. I live for that incredible capture of emotion, fleeting moments that will never be had again. However, before the frost hit I thought I ought to take some pics of the gorgeous posies Ariel planted around our house while we […]

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I’m currently working on designing a prayer card for MBK (My Brother’s Keeper) ministries in Romania. I was able to be in Romania in March of 06 specifically to document this ministry’s work photographically (joining me also on this trip: Jacob, Kirby, and Bev) . So, I’ve been sifting through the gazillion photos I took, […]

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Comin up…Senior Chic!

Here’s a teaser from my latest senior shoot, where we romped downtown C-burg again, along with a college campus and even a cool old warehouse. More exciting and unique images to come!

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Lavern and Saundra

This wedding is also of another dear couple who are good friends of ours. Lavern was best man in our wedding just several months ago, and Jacob was able to return the favor by being Lavern’s best man. I, again, was just the second shooter {since I don’t actually do weddings anymore ;o)} while the […]

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Some quick photos of me

I was fortunate enough to creatively coerce my dearest friend Ariel (of Leira Photography) to snap a few quick photos of me for my blog. We had a few moments during our last get together before she gallavanted off across the country on a whirlwind roadtrip with another dear friend, Jessica (of Country Lane Photography). […]

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Looking back…Wedding and Honeymoon

I can’t believe we are coming up on 4 months of being married – it seems like forever ago! When it came to doing up our thank you notes, we went to the store to buy a huge bundle of some of those ready-made thank you cards in which we would stick a nice little […]

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The long-awaited senior shoot!

This was for me, hands down, the most fun I’ve ever had a senior shoot – and I plan on having lots more just like it! Jesse was such a dear and a kindred spirit when it comes to the artsy part of our brains. :o) She was into trying everything – and so we […]

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