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Monthly Archives: November 2007

Senior Vogue, sneak peek!

Wow… What do you get when you put together: 2 Heathers 1 gorgeous blustery day 1 cool hat 2.5 hours a handful of “happy dances” (!!! inside joke…he he) and off the charts enthusiasm? = an Unforgettable Shoot! :o) Heather and I had such a blast yesterday and when I went to pick a teaser […]

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Giving Thanks….

Such a gorgeous day…a few images of the splendor today This jaunty little leaf blew across my frame as I snapped the shutter We have so much to be thankful for. One of those things would be our incredible friends. Recently we were able to gather a bunch of our old volleyball crowd for a […]

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Senior in Downtown C-burg, CASHS

Got to hit alot of our favorite locations with this shoot, and even some new ones as we stopped by CASHS for highschool reminiscence shots ;o) Be sure and watch the slideshow for more!This one is my absolute fav – it’s different, totally pulling off the whole “i’m ready to take on the world” look […]

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Little Girls…

Today turned out to be a gorgeous and WARM day for a shoot. It’s a good thing, as I’ve photographed these girls for their Christmas card for years now, and it seems we always end up freezing to death! Here’s a few quick peeks for mom! Okay, I know this shot is not your perfect […]

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A Dash of Testosterone ;o)

Well, this week has been extremely busy but I had the wonderful “stretching” experience of photographing a couple of guys. :o) Normally, my shoots seem to revolve around young ladies, so it was quite the treat to get to switch gears a little!Here’s a sneak peek from their shoots! It’s definitely getting colder…..my poor fingers […]

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Sneak Peek Senior…

Thought I’d post a teaser photo from the latest senior

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Megan Class of 08

Wow, this young lady was such a blast to work with. Both her and her mom were just super cool ;o) willing to try anything, stop anywhere! That ease and creativity I think definitely shows in the images we captured, in between all the giggles and the genuinly good time we had! Our “near death […]

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