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Yearly Archives: 2008

Urban Senior Chic:Emma

I just realized that I never posted any more images from Emma’s incredible shoot, so I thought I’d lay out some of my personal favs…… This girl’s gorgeous eyes were just a thrill to capture…. I love the “rembrandty” quality of these two – I think maybe its the texture and the toning that have […]

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A Sister Shoot…in sub-zero temps :o)

Okay, so maybe the temps weren’t quite “sub-zero” but it felt like it had to be very close!  In any case, we managed to get some good candids in this 15 minute shoot, so I’ll share some below. Thanks for being troopers, girls, and hope you thawed out well! :o) Their personalities are just the […]

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Emma’s Sneak Peek…

Upon our return to the States, I was welcomed not only by stunning foliage but also by another gorgeous senior. Here’s your sneak peek Emma – many more to come! So syked about working on these images!!!

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Feast of Tabernacles Has Begun!!!

  Woweee – such a whirlwind events in the past couple of weeks. We’ve been able to experience several feast days and celebrations in the Land as we’ve already passed the Biblical holidays of Yom Teruah (Feast of Trumpets) and Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement). It’s been so exciting to be learning more and seeing […]

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In Jerusalem, the City of our King!

Just to let you all know that we are still alive, I figured I’d post a quickie. :o) We’ve been in Jerusalem for almost 2 weeks now and have enjoyed our time immensely whether working for the ICEJ (International Christian Embassy Jerusalem) or hanging out with new and old friends. We’ve been extremely busy in […]

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Amsterdam Afternoon

On the “road” again. :o) We left on Sunday afternoon from D.C. where we flew to Detroit did a quick plane hop and then we were in for the long 7 hour flight to Amsterdam. Arriving at 11am (5am our time) with little broken sleep to tide us over, we headed out to explore Amsterdam […]

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To One of The Dearest Persons I’ve Ever Known….Frik

  To an amazing man whose roles of husband, father, and friend blessed so many beyond repaying.   To his incredible and undeniable faith in his Lord and Messiah Yeshua…   To someone who’s footprint will forever be visible in our lives and hearts…   We love and miss you Frik…   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Frik and […]

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Class of 09: Gigundous Senior Share…

Well, you’all have probably been wondering where in the world have I been? Below is what has kept me occupied in the last little while. :o) Just a few shots from each of the chic seniors I’ve had the pleasure to work with lately! Joy We had a great time galavanting around Waynesboro and Hagerstown, […]

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