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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Snow Boardin Heaven – one year ago…

Well it’s finally cold enough around here to start enjoying some winter sports. This past week has had it’s highlights of some seriously fun iceskating (not the dinky in-a-rink-stuff: imagine 150+skaters playing freezetag on a pond) and some good snowboarding (I could post a pic of my nice shiner I got last night due to […]

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The sweeter things in life…..

This was such a crazy fun shoot….I think this is my favorite, but I refuse to commit ;o) Jacob tagged along for this shoot, and it’s a good thing he did as he came up with the idea for this great shot :o) he he…couldn’t resist posting this…..this is what Jacob does when he isn’t […]

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Over the ocean and thru the woods… ;o)

He he I’ve been so ancy to go somewhere again – going on almost 2 years since I’ve been outa the country! ;o) So I couldn’t be any more excited about our trip coming up…..in just a couple of weeks! We are leaving Feb 9th from Philly to Rome where we will galavant around Italy […]

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Engagement: Vince & Samantha

Yes, I’ve been absent for awhile. This time of year is supposedly the “slow” season, but I’ve yet to find that personally true. :o) Today, I had the pleasure of taking the engagement photos of two terribly dear people that Jacob and I are blessed to call friends. It’s amazing that the weather was nice […]

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Time rolls by.. ;o)

Happy New Year!Wow, this past month has just flown by, busy with work but also delightfully punctuated with good times with great friends. Following are just a smattering of some of the good times over the past month…. We began the month squeezing in several Hanukah celebrations in one day *thanks to Crystal for the […]

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