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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Trojan Triple Play!!!

Wow, went to a great ballgame tonight! And in the top of the 5th, my bro Jacob Picard playin shortstop made this insane catch from a hard hit. The catch would’ve been good enough by itself, but it was also the start of an amazing triple play – he threw to second, out, then a […]

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Baseball Season is here again…

I love this time of year and hanging out at my siblings ball games. And with four of them playing ball this year, there should be plenty of games to see! First to enjoy this year was my brother Jacob, a sophmore playing for the Chambersburg Trojans. He’s gonna hate me for posting this, but […]

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NYC Day Trip

We made a semi-impromtu trip up to New York City a couple weeks ago. We being me, Jacob, Ariel, Mary (back in the States for a month) and her brother Mark. Starting our crazy weekend without sleep wasn’t the brightest idea ever, as I think our foggy-tired minds contributed to our frustrations in trying to […]

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ISRAEL – Chapter 7: Ein Gedi

Our last day in Israel we spent down towards the Dead Sea at Ein Gedi Nature Reserve. Ein Gedi is an oasis in the desert, the largest on the Western shore of the Dead Sea. It’s comprised of two main wadiis, with fresh water springs drawing inhabitants for thousands of years. “Ein Gedi” literally means […]

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ISRAEL – Chapter 6: Exploring & Experiencing Jerusalem

Having a few days back in ‘hometown” Jerusalem :o) Jacob and I set out to explore and to “see” some of the sights…Little did I know that by the end of the day I would be rendered incapable of walking…. First a stop in the Old City… Nearly all road signs have a combination of […]

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ISRAEL – Chapter 5: Haifa, Carmel, Tiberias, Galilee

After parting from Mary, we continued north, catching a bus to the coastal town of Haifa. Again, the Lord’s favor shown on us as we made a last minute call to friend in Arad who had some connections up north. We asked if there was anyone up there we could spend the night with, and […]

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ISRAEL – Chapter 4: Jerusalem, Cesarea, Netanya

Sorry for the delay – busy times with a this past whirlwind weekend with visitors and a day excursion up to NYC, but here we continue with our Israel travels….I’m determined to get these all posted before we leave for our next trip to Ukraine! :o) Back in Jerusalem, Jacob and I took some time […]

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