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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Catchin Some More Baseball…

Had a chance to finally make it to one of my brother Isaiah’s games :o) And they won! Yay! :o) Pitchin… The light was pretty low, so pics aren’t as sharp as I like, but doesn’t keep my from tryin to get some good shots :o) Getting away from some stray pitches can lead to […]

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Gotta Love Spring…

Ahhh, life is just generally better when you have posies popping up to let you know warmer weather is on the way… and it gives me an excuse to practice on my nature photography that I could use some improving on :o) But this first one just makes me happy anyway

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Germany, forgot about that….. :o)

I just realized that I never posted any pics from our day in Germany on our way back from Israel. There’s not terribly much to show. The scenario unfolded as this……after enduring out exhausting last day in Ein Gedi and staying up the entire night, we flew outa Tel Aviv in the early am, landing […]

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Batter Up :o)

Just a few photos from some of the first games of the season for some more of my siblings :o) First off is little Josiah, the youngest of the family, whose playing his first year. It’s a bit of an adjustment from watching highschool ball to watch seven and eight year olds playing, but still […]

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Italy Throw-Aways

As I was doing a second-pass rummaging through Italy pics for creating my hardbound book, I came across several photos that begged to have some attention. Originally throw-aways at first glance, here’s a few pics that got saved from hard drive anonymity to become some of my absolute favs. And I also decided to experiment […]

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