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Monthly Archives: February 2011

{SHOOT SHARE} Kristen’s Senior Portraits | Chambersburg Senior Portrait Photographer

So, yeah, Kristen was a blast, as you can tell all ready. Her adventuresome personality was a perfect fit with mine, and together we braved snake-infested abandoned warehouses to get some really great images. It was like a scene out of Indiana Jones. Except the part where I got freaked at some random noises and […]

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{BLESSING BOOK} Week 7 | Roller Skating

Week 7: February 13th-21st, 2011 {Asher’s first roller skating experience!} Every year our congregation Beth Shalom sponsors a Messianic Roller Skating night, so we took some of my siblings and a very over-eager Asher for some skating fun. Asher couldn’t wait to get skates on his feet, and felt ‘hindered’ by those wanting to hold […]

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{SHOOT SHARE} Justin & Elaine Love Story | Newville PA Portrait Photographer

So for those attentive followers out there, yes, I know, I missed doing this week’s {SHOOT SHARE} so I’m going to make up for it today. And yes, today’s {BLESSING BOOK} post will be up soon to ;o) Justin (hubby Jacob’s brother) and beautiful wife Elaine celebrated 10 years together, and we took some time […]

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{BLESSING BOOK} Week 6 | Baby Bump Nappin

Week 6: February 6th-12th, 2011 {Asher crawling up into my disappearing lap to drape himself over my baby bump and lay his head down to fall asleep at naptime} I’m treasuring this recent routine as I know it will be short-lived not only because that bump will be disappearing but that Asher won’t be the […]

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{SHOOT SHARE} Sam & Angela’s Wedding | Colorado Portrait Photographer

As a follow-up to the last {SHOOT SHARE} of their BETROTHAL, I thought I would post some images from Sam & Angela’s glorious wedding in Durango, Colorado. The day couldn’t have been more gorgeous, with more perfect lighting. The green buds of the trees were just emerging, and the river was an enchanted blue. But […]

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{BLESSING BOOK} Week 5 | The Cutest Dish Washer

Week 5: January 30th-February 5th {A ‘helpful’ dishwasher that takes up the only square foot of counter space I had in the first place} Anytime I’m doing dishes or making food, Asher reaches and begs “Please Please” to help. Sigh. It usually takes me twice as long to actually complete my task with his ‘help’ […]

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{CONTEST} A Living Land | An Israel Book Project WINNER!!!

Soooooo, I’m imagining you are all wanting to know who won THIS CONTEST. Dun, da dun. ***loooooong dramatic drumroll*** LYNN HILTON! Congratulations! You have won a hard-bound copy of the finished work! Yay! I had to smile when Lynn showed up as the winner in the randomizer. Nearly all of Lynn’s children entered the contest […]

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