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Monthly Archives: April 2011

{PREVIEW} Caleb and Kendra’s Betrothal | Kentucky Photographer

Last Sunday, evening we were privileged to experience the Betrothal of Caleb and Kendra. Now, considering we were being plagued all week by tornados and bad weather, it was a bit disappointing to have to move the ceremony site from the outdoor lakefront, to the indoor tennis center. BUT, I was completely thrilled to see […]

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{PREVIEW} Zac & Becca’s Sunrise Wedding | Kentucky Photographer

So I know many of you have been dying for some previews from Zac and Becca’s Sunrise wedding 2 weeks ago. Now, if you weren’t there, this wedding was DEFINITELY something to experience.  {{If you’d like to learn more about “Betrothal” you can get this awesome documentary and watch the trailer HERE –  And you […]

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{ISRAEL} Living Word in a Living Land | Book Project

Many of you were part of the ISRAEL BOOK PROJECT AND CONTEST and contributed some of the over 800 Scriptures entered to compliment the fine art photos from our recent stay in The Land. The result was simply amazing. Seriously, I was so blessed to have the priviledge to be impacted by the process of […]

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{BLESSING BOOK} Week 15 | Zev’s First Smiles

Week 15: April 11th-17th {Zev’s First Conscious Smiles} Okay, so yes, I know, the {BLESSING BOOK} post is late, as another is due here in just a couple days. But even for all the busy-ness I couldn’t just bypass last week’s milestone: 6 week old Zev becoming all smiley and interactive. I feel like I […]

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{PORTRAITS} Baby Ezra | Tennessee Portrait Photographer

I took a few minutes (literally, like 10 minutes) to grab some quick portraits of darling 2 week old Ezra and his beautiful mama after their family was so gracious to host us all week after our vehicle broke down in TN – Thanks so much for everything Amy!

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{BLESSING BOOK} Week 14 | Band of Boys, Obedience Lessons, & Car Trouble

Welp, there are several {BLESSING BOOK} candidates from our first week of being on the road. Week 14: April 3rd-10th {Asher being able to romp and play with a band of REAL boys} You know, REAL boys. The ones that aren’t afraid of mud and slime. Who wear boots and pick up frogs. Who throw […]

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{BLESSING BOOK} Week 13 | Lounging in the Dirt

Week 13: March 28th -April 3rd {Simple pleasures of playing in the dirt} Asher took advantage of the opportunity of freshly-plowed rows being dug for potatoes. I mean, it looks comfy, right? His boyish ingenuity and sense of endless adventure always amazes me and continually makes me smile. Now to go and try and get […]

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