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Monthly Archives: June 2011

{CLASS OF 2012} Alyssa’s Sneak Peek! | St James Senior Portrait Photographer

It’s not everyday I get to work an amazing gymnast, but today’s (o wait it’s 2am), I mean, YESTERDAY’S shoot with Alyssa was absolutely amazing. I can remember back many years ago when I did my first shoot with Alyssa and her sister, at the beginning of starting my photography venture. Fast forward and I’m […]

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{BLESSING BOOK} Week 24 | Roadtrippin, Car Woes, & Plantain Head

Week 24 | June 13th-19th 2011 {Road Trips that painfully teach you Patience, Perseverance, and how to rely on Prayer} Every time we set out for Tennessee, our vehicle sees fit to throw a fit and threat of dramatic demise. Our last roadtrip back in April found us stranded for an entire week, as we […]

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{CLASS OF 2012} Alex’s Sneak Peek | Greencastle Senior Portrait Photographer

You know the shoot is going to be good when Alex shows up with a car full of clothes, plenty of smiles and a whole lot of enthusiasm! Woohoo! We didn’t waste any time yesterday afternoon as threatening clouds loomed, but the weather held (at least until the end) and the lighting was GORGEOUS and […]

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{BLESSING BOOK} Week 23 | Mumpmeats, Silly Putty Hairdo, & Dancing

Watch out. This {BLESSING BOOK} post is a doozy. I told you we have been busy. The past couple of weeks we have done a lot of traveling, met a pile of new people, had some path-altering obstacles, had some fabulous sharing opportunities about {THE WORK} we are doing in Israel, and many more minor […]

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{CLASS of 2012} David’s Sneak Peek | Mercersburg Senior Portrait Photographer

So I had a rad time with David on Sunday afternoon. We spent 3.5 hours traipsing the mountain-side with his stunning red FORD truck, his dirtbike, and his fabulous mom Lisa, our stylist and navigator extraordinaire! David will be a senior at James Buchanan High School and he’ll have the coolest senior pictures for sure…….here’s […]

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{BLESSING BOOK} Week 22 | LIVE Rubber Ducky, Computer Nerds, and Beauty School

The weekly PROJECT continues! Veeeerry belated (am I 3 weeks behind???) but we’ve been on the road with many obstacles in our path, but we are still breathing, we still have smiles on our faces This installment doesn’t have any pictures taken from my “regular” cameras (5dmII or the diaper-bag cam Lumix LX3), but instead […]

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{CLASS OF 2012} Michaela’s Sneak Peek | Shippensburg Senior Portrait Photographer

Yesterday was hot. And when the threat of thunderstorms evaporated so did every bit of cloud cover. But yet it also just happened to be the BEST SENIOR SHOOT YET! So you may wonder how to make brilliant sunshine and high-noon heat turn out good? Well you simply add the absolutely gorgeous MICHAELLA, a concoction […]

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{BLESSING BOOK} Week 21 | An Armed Hold Up, Tornado Watchin, & Popsicles

WEEK 21 May 23rd-May29th, 2011 {The CUTEST little boys on the face of the earth!} Asher and Zev are by far my greatest joys, and I can’t help but just want to STARE at these photos forever! {Asher Loving Zev To Death To Pieces} I’m still cracking up. The background to these photos are as […]

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