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    I'm based in South-Central Pennsylvania, but I travel a lot, so I specialize in contemporary portraits wherever you are!

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Monthly Archives: September 2011

{BLESSING BOOK} Week 35 | Dumpster Diving, Gorgeous Vistas, and Oily Elbows

Week 35 August 28th-September 3rd, 2011 {The Amazing Hills of Judea and Samaria} What a privilege it is to be spending so much time in the amazing lanscape of Judea and Samaria here in Israel. Known to many as the ‘West Bank’, there seems to be stigma of fear and confusion that keep people away […]

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{MY LIFE} A Time for Reflection, Photoshop, and Joyful Light

It has been hard to find some quiet reflection time. With all the looming deadlines of so many projects we have going on HERE IN ISRAEL, it has been nearly impossible for me to have any purely artistic expression time either, which is slightly depressing for me since I often work out my thoughts and […]

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{BLESSING BOOK} WEEK 34 | Coliseums, Tripping Celebrities, & Salty Britches

Week 34 | August 21st-27th, 2011 {A Quick Splash in the Mediterranean} On our way to the RESTORING COURAGE event in Cesarea that we were given tickets to, we had a very short amount of time to to play in the Sea. So Asher had about 20 minutes to splash around which wasn’t long enough […]

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{BLESSING BOOK} Week 33 | Burpcloth Coffee, Eating Eyeballs, & Olive Grove Napping

So in my effort to keep up with my documenting of the weekly blessings in my personal life, the {BLESSING BOOK} continues! Week 33 | August 14th-20th, 2011 {Shuk Shopping} Living in Jerusalem wouldn’t be complete without some shuk-shopping! The shuk is an outdoor market where we can find the best deals on produce and […]

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{ISRAEL} Planting on the Hills of Judea and Samaria | Photojournalism

We are doing some amazing things here in Israel. Carrying-on from the work we did last year with HAYOVEL, we are back in Israel again this year, with a more defined focus. Jacob and I are making it our endeavor to share what is REALLY happening through photos and video in these hills of Judea […]

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