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{Best of 2011} Senior Portraits

There is no shortage of photographers posting their year-end “Best of 2011” posts. And as I would scroll through these inspiring posts of so many others’ yearly accomplishments, I’d sigh some, wondering if I’d ever reach ‘that’ level of amazingness.

But then, I got this brainy idea to post my own, to reach back through my year. I realized, good or bad, amazing or not, I really needed to ‘see’ visually what I did in this past year. And, wow, I’m so glad I did this. 2011 flew by faster than I could’ve thought, and when you are just busting through workloads and schedules you lose sight of the ‘greater’ pictures one is painting in their craft. Did I get better? Did I learn anything? Did I push myself to grow?

It wasn’t until I started sifting through my Lightroom catalogs and pulling images into collections that I realized the breadth of work I did in this past year. It gave me a renewed vigor to start this year out. So I’m sharing them here, broken up into several different posts, so that I can look back in a year (as I’m doing my “Best of 2012”) and see what new artistry hurdles I’d like to cross in the coming year!

{BEST OF 2011} Senior Portraits
{BEST OF 2011} Love Stories
{BEST OF 2011} Photojournalism

First out of the gate is…

{BEST OF 2011} Senior Portraits

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Jessica Fike - January 12, 2012 - 8:48 pm

Rockin’, Heather. Totally rockin’.

Selena - January 12, 2012 - 8:49 pm