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{Blessing Book} January 2012 | Bare Bums, Burned Hands, and Bus Meesing

Yes, it is April. How did it get there? I have no bloomin idea.

After completely an entire year of weekly {BLESSING BOOK} posts and journaling of my personal happenings in 2011, I wanted to continue that in 2012! But in all the craziness that has erupted in the past couple of months, I’m thinkin that I will make it slightly more manageable by making them MONTHLY posts (plus I can catch up quicker!)

So here is JANUARY which was our last month in Jerusalem.

Week 1: January 1st-7th, 2012

{Cutest Windmilling-BareBuns-Baby Around}

Perhaps it’s inappropriate. Perhaps it’s tmi. I happen to think it is absolutely hilarious. Especially if you know the story: One day at the park with the boys in Jerusalem, Asher was scaling the steep bank while I was at the bottom watching Zev suck on olives he was finding on the ground. Half of the way up he turns around with big eyes to yell to me, “Potty! Potty!” Keeping dry pants had been quite the feat as of late, and I didn’t want to leave Z alone, so I told him to quick pull down his pants and go right there (it’s a very empty park, don’t worry). Now as he was trying to wiggle down his britches AND remain upright on the steep bank, I was doing what any good mama would: poised and ready with my camera sights on him for the inevitable thing that was to happen next. There is only so much wiggling you can do with your ankles tied together while perched on an incline before it happens. In a split second he lost his balance and with some seriously frantic wind-milling with the arms he a-righted himself, and I have captured yet another good photo to include in his wedding-day slideshow.

{Let My People Go!}

Asher keep Zevi’s supreme attention during snack time by picking up Daddy’s Bible to retell the story of the Exodus and how Moses said to “Let my People Go!”

{Bestest of Bosom-Buddies}

I love my Mary o so much. The Almighty crossed our paths all those years ago for a reason and I’m eternally grateful. So glad we were able to spend some much needed catch-up time while we BOTH were living in Jerusalem! ;o)

{Rocking Chairs and Bedtime Stories}

What is more endearing on a cold and blustery wintry evening to see a newly bathed lil boy reading his bear a book next to the ‘fire’? One thing I have missed greatly while living in a CAMPER the past two years, is that I had to give up my rocker. And, lo and behold, what came with our apartment in Jerusalem – A ROCKING CHAIR! I was so grateful for it as I spent many an hour in it during the sleepless nights with my sick, whooping-cough babies.

{Our Little Neighborhood}

It’s a little intimidating to be a country-bumpkin who has to acclimate to Jerusalem city life with two babies. But I did it. I forced myself to muster up the energy every morning to get the boys and stroller all ready to take a walk to the park, and grew accustomed to going grocery shopping on foot with my backpack. I actually got pretty attached to our little neighborhood in the 2 months that we lived there.

Week 2: January 8th-14th, 2012

{Badly Burned Hands that Healed!}

One night while we were entertaining guests in our living room, we heard Zev start screaming like a banshee. Confused I ran to the kitchen where I found Zev on his knees leaning with his palms against the oven door and every time he tried to push himself off his weight would force him to lean back on it. Still confused I snatched him up to realize that the glass of the oven door was too horrifically hot for even me to touch, and I quickly plunged his hands under cold running water. I’m so glad I took the Burn and Wound Class from from the Amish John Klein, and quickly was trying to process what I needed to do. I could see his hands were red and swollen but I didn’t take the time to check for blisters yet, so I kept them under cold water (it is CRUCIAL to get all the heat out of burns) while Jacob ran and got my LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL. I completely doused his hands in lavender and then submerged them in a basin of cold water while I cuddled Z in my lap while he screamed. I repeated that several times til I was sure that all the heat was out of his hands. I didn’t have any burdock on hand, but I don’t travel anywhere without my BURN AND WOUND SALVE, which we retrieved out of my first aid kit along with some bandages and gauze. I knew from the class that a properly dressed burn with an adequate amount of compression will completely eliminate pain (EVERYONE should take that class I tell ya, or at least BUY THE BOOK) and I layered the salve all over his palms and fingers and then wrapped them with bandages. He immediately stopped crying. It was incredible. I was worried at how long it would take my baby to heal since he was using his palms around the clock for CRAWLING and this could indeed make our lives miserable. But after a good nursing, he went to sleep and in the morning I noticed he wasn’t acting like they were hurting him at all. I removed the bandages to find his hands AS GOOD AS NEW aside from 2 tiny blisters at the top of his fingers where the bandages didn’t reach. HALLELUYAH!

{One Pack of Paper + One Pair of Scissors = Hours of Quite Time}

 Asher found a new pastime which left our floor littered in thousands of thousands of bits of paper, but I loved watching his creativity as he made me ‘pizza’ and ‘mans’ and ‘barrettes’ for my hair!

{Brother Tussling}

There is something really cool about watching your two boys tussle on the floor together ;o)

{Fresh Perspectives}

We got a LOT of use out of cardboard boxed we found in the dumpsters. Sometimes we made large houses with doors and windows and sometimes Asher would just sit in them to watch a movie while Zevi napped.

{MEESING the Bus}

In Jerusalem Asher LOVED the transportation. Whether the new light rail or the bus, Asher was always begging to get on! One day I was taking the boys to the park pushing Zev in the stroller while Asher ran ahead down the sidewalk. All of a sudden Asher fell to the ground in a heap of wails and tears. I hurried to him to find out what could have possibly happened. His woe-ful teary eyes looked up at me as he sobbed “WE MEESED THE BUS!! Apparently, he assumed that we were trying to catch the bus that had just passed us.

Week 3: January 15th-21st, 2012

{Asher’s Second best Wedding Slideshow Photo}

 Okay, I know. Two potty pics in one post. But, come on, how could anyone resist the uber cuteness of Asher’s preferred potty ritual???

{How Ingenuity Can be Really Fun}

Since we travel so much, there are only so many toys that we can tote around with us. So the preferred cheap activity of the day was painting dumpster cardboard with wet q-tips!

Week 4: January 22nd-28th, 2012

{To See A Green Israel}

Wow. This was an amazing day to say the least. While we are usually in Israel when it’s dry and hot, this is the first time I got to the amazing mountains of Judea and Samaria GREEN from the winters rainy season. I was there to shoot a local shepherd and I was simply enchanted with the experience – Standing there listening to the shepherd’s voice  carried across the terraced olive groves carpeted with new green grass, singing Torah to his grandchildren and goat herd while the sun wained the western sky. And to be here with my family as our chapter of being in Israel was closing = Amazing.

It took about 3 tries with my camera timer as a jostled Zevi as I ran back and forth, but I’m so glad we did it because I LOVE THIS PICTURE beyond words.

{Meyers Men Print Debut}

I thought it was pretty cool to be leafing through Glenn Beck’s recent coffee table book WE ARE BROTHERS to find a full-spread photo that had my Jacob and Zevi in it! We got to hand out with Glenn’s photographer, the brilliant GEORGE LANGE, for an afternoon showing him what HAYOVEL was doing in Judea and Samaria.

{Long Sight-Seeing Days}

When Asher ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. Especially when everyone is un-napped after a whirlwind week of touring Israel. For our last week in Israel, we rented a car and got out from behind our computers to go and experience some of the beauties of the Land of Israel! This particular photo finds Jacob carrying BOTH babies up the rocky face of Ein Gedi’s oasis’s.

{Skipping Rocks}

It’s really great to have two boys now that can throw rocks into waterfalls ;o)

{Good Israeli Olives}

You can’t find olives this good anywhere else.

{Mama’s Boy}

Ein Gedi was beautiful and I hadn’t ever got to hike this particular wadi before which was just stacked with one glorious waterfall after another. Zevi is a complete mama’s boy, and I need to remember to cherish every moment I have with him even when you are hiking AND nursing AND photographing at the same time (gotta love Ergos and nursing covers!).

{Packing Up}

One final move in Israel as we packed up our belongings into our 7 suitcases for our trip back to the States. Although the last couple of days were fraught with some more sickness and food poisoning (bad call on MY part on how old the fish soup was), we managed to get all our loose ends tied up and travel mode engaged yet again.

{ZEVI’S First Steps!}

Don’t squint too hard because, yes, the above image is purely black. During our last Erev Shabbat in Jerusalem our electricity went out. I joked with visiting Mary that wouldn’t it be hysterical if the more active-than-usual Zevi decided to take his first steps when I wouldn’t be able to capture it. Sure enough, Zevi did just that at 11 months old. His first steps were by candle-light in Jerusalem.

{A New Pack of Animals}

With a solid 26 hours of travel ahead of us, Jacob was wise in purchasing Asher a new set of animals for the travel home to the States. Asher LOVES animals (especially Sus and Ariyeh!.)One by one they emerged through the first flight and they all made their debut during our 8 hr layover in the Warsaw airport. Poor Asher desperately tried to enjoy them and his beloved plane rides he loves so much, but he was battling with sickness and a high fever up until our last flight took off. But there he laid, on the floor of the airport, lining all his animals up as the sun escaped over the horizon in Poland.


Stay tuned for the February and March Blessing Book Posts!

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Emily - April 11, 2012 - 11:00 pm

Yay! Thank you for letting us get some more glimpses of your life! Your photos inspire me so much! God bless!