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{BLESSING BOOK} Week 21 | An Armed Hold Up, Tornado Watchin, & Popsicles

WEEK 21 May 23rd-May29th, 2011

{The CUTEST little boys on the face of the earth!}

Asher and Zev are by far my greatest joys, and I can’t help but just want to STARE at these photos forever!

{Asher Loving Zev To Death To Pieces}

I’m still cracking up. The background to these photos are as follows: I was taking pictures of Zev sitting on the step and Asher (being the photo ham he is) took a break from his deer hunting to rush over and throw his arm around Z for some pictures. It just so happened that the gun was pointed in one particular way. Haha. He is always smothering Z with love and kisses and cuddles. And we wonder why Zev get’s all uptight whenever he hears Asher coming!

{Popsicles for Hot Humid Days}

We had some scorching days as of late, and Asher’s current favorite past time than enjoying some juice pops out in miniature chairs on the porch with Uncle Josiah

{Storm Watching With Uncle Josh}

So we’ve also had some nasty weather blow through to include some tornado warnings. So Asher had a good time watching  the furious rain and wind with the protection of his big uncle Josh.

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