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{BLESSING BOOK} Week 22 | LIVE Rubber Ducky, Computer Nerds, and Beauty School

The weekly PROJECT continues! Veeeerry belated (am I 3 weeks behind???) but we’ve been on the road with many obstacles in our path, but we are still breathing, we still have smiles on our faces

This installment doesn’t have any pictures taken from my “regular” cameras (5dmII or the diaper-bag cam Lumix LX3), but instead from my good old Canon 20d (given to my sister to use) and my new droid phone! No matter what the quality or graininess, some memories are too precious to go un-captured. ;o)

Week 22 May 30th-June 5th 2011

{Real Live Tub Ducky}

Asher wasn’t in to taking a bath, so I asked him if he’s like me to go get him a ducky. He excitedly said yes. So I let my sister start running his water as I disappeared, running outside down to the creek, where the ‘duckies’ were. Problem. The ‘duckies’ that I had pictures in my head were no longer pint-sized fluffballs that I remembered from before we left for TN. They were full-size ducks. But, not one to abandon my promise, I decided to grab one (‘grab’ meaning ‘diving all over the yard’ trying to catch one, hope no one was watching) and triumphantly brought it up to my parent’s house and up the stairs into the bathroom. This is where my mother flipped out. She wasn’t as excited about having a large duck (it looked waaaaaaaaaay bigger in a small bathroom) pooping all over the bathroom, but I told her it was ok we were making a memory and I’d clean everything up. ;o)

Asher wasn’t sure what to think about it at first. And neither did the duck. But once in the water, Asher was cool, but the duck decided to start attacking the impostor rubber duckies (see pic below). As you can see in the bonus photos in the gallery, the situation deteriorated and Asher no longer like the idea. And then it became Abby’s (lil sis) muse. Those photos crack me up, and as you can see it’s all fun and games until someone gets pooped on. ;o)

I wish I had a live rubber ducky when I was little. Just sayin.

{Productivity measured in different amounts}

So sometimes it’s hard to get things done. To entertain two littles at once. And in a dire circumstance when that design/photo deadline is imminent, this is what I resort to. I get to work one-handed on 2/3rds of the screen while vintage mickey mouse cartoons play on youtube on 1/3rd of my screen. My boys are suckers for moving pictures (even 3mo Zev!) so I try to grab what I can when I can ;o) In the bonus photos you can see how my computer screen looks (the project at the right is blurred out because it is super secret but will be released soon……….eeeeeek!)

{Hose Fun}

Asher’s first time with a hose was on memorial day after we had spent the SCORCHING afternoon weeding and picking strawberries. He had fun chasing me and Josiah around! (Thanks for grabbin some shots Ab!)

{Naptime Makeup= Asher’s beauty school}

So I laid Asher down for a nap in the camper and sat down to hammer away at some projects on my computer, only to realize an hour later that I could still here some very quiet babbling. When I opened the door this is the sight I was met with. I own 2 tubes of makeup. Just 2. And he had completely emptied both all over his bedding, clothes, and body. The funniness of the sight lasted all of 5 seconds until the reality of HOW I was going to clean it up and the TRAVESTY of a nap not taken (miserable baby later) hit me. In the end, I got most of it out of all the fabrics, but I think his leg might still be a bit tan.


Bonus photos to include more stories and our food adventures since I’ve been off of wheat for nearly 2 months for Zev’s sake.

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Aviram Ostrovsky - June 21, 2011 - 7:15 pm

Image 20: “Remember the duck from the tub? Well, it used to be, but not any more”.

Melanie - June 21, 2011 - 7:16 pm

Wow, Heather! Was it ever well worth the wait for these dramatic pics! I love your ability to make an event timelessly whimsical through your lens!
Keep ’em comin’!