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{BLESSING BOOK} Week 23 | Mumpmeats, Silly Putty Hairdo, & Dancing

Watch out. This {BLESSING BOOK} post is a doozy. I told you we have been busy. The past couple of weeks we have done a lot of traveling, met a pile of new people, had some path-altering obstacles, had some fabulous sharing opportunities about {THE WORK} we are doing in Israel, and many more minor and not so minor adventures along the way. This post will get me closer to ‘catching up’. ;o)

So without further adoooo….

Week 23 | June 6-12th, 2011


I don’t think you can survive (or thrive) in the photography industry without putting some serious effort into networking with fellow photogs. And these are my photog besties. They all rock. In a “can’t wait to see you” “whine on my shoulder” “borrow equipment in a pinch” kind a way. And although most of us are already mothers, hopefully soon it won’t only be me and Jessica F holding babies ;o)

So from left to right: SELENA (the globe-trotting git-r-doner), MICHELLE (the graceful and refined), JESSICA B (all spunk and sweetness), Me and Z (*insert your own description here*), DEANNA (a patient and dear spirit), COURTNEY ( fun and daily-fabulous), HOPE (simply ooozing thoughtfulness and preciousness), and JESSICA F and Ally-girl (hollllaaaaa!) Love you girls!!!!!!!!!!!!

{A Mumpmeat Backpack for Traveling}

So Asher, who has a pretty expansive and fairly eloquent vocabulary, calls monkeys “MUMPMEATS”. We have no idea why. And we can’t change it. And since Asher is facing a serious amount of traveling in this next phase of his life, Grandpa and Grandma Meyers got him his own little backpack full of goodies. He had quite the blast sitting on Grandma’s lap pulling out one time-occupying item after the other. On our recent roadtrip to TN, he even insisted upon wearing it while stopped at gas stations. He is just too stinkin cute. This will come in very handy for our long flight to ISRAEL.


One of the items Asher had pulled out of his new mumpmeat backpack was a container of silly putty. Something he fished out again on our way home. As I am driving down the interstate with both boys in the back seat, I hear Asher start fussin and saying “MAMMA!¬† OW! MAMMA!”. I turn around to see this. Powerless to do anything on the interstate, I try to tell him to stop making it worse as he smashes it further into his hair. I pull over at the first park and ride to jump into the backseat to see what I could do. Jacob, who was following us home in the car, stopped to find out what was the matter. So Asher was in bad need of a haircut, so he got one that night. **bye bye gorgeous curls**

{On the Road Shabbat with New Friends}

Several weeks prior we had went to a worship/singing afternoon up in State College Pennsylvania, where this “Mason Clover” musician was to be playing. His musical ability was only enhanced by his awesome testimony and Jacob and I sought to get to know him better, and subsequently found ourselves an awesome new friend who had a small family just like us, with children bout the same age. While on the road in TN, Chris and his delightful family hosted us in the home in Nashville on Friday night, where we had some amazing fellowship (and cheesecake!). The following day we attended his home congregation LAMB where he leads worship, and got to be part of a truly uplifting and inspiring service of special SHAVUOT Events, AND got to meet a pile more people! Man, we just love making NEW FRIENDS!

{How a Camera-Timer can be your best friend}

So while at Mason Clover’s, I was working on a poster for one of our ISRAEL AWARENESS NIGHTS events and realized I really needed an updated photo of all 4 of us. But we found ourselves alone in the house, so I resorted to the good-ole camera timer. So I balanced the camera on the top edge of the couch and we all sat down in front of the tv, on a table in front of a nice blank wall. I then spent the next 10 minutes running back and forth with Zeveee, setting the camera, getting in place and smiling one second before the shutter clicks. It was exhausting, but I think we got a pretty good photo of all of us (Asher is a natural ‘poser’) considering the circumstances. {{{{although Asher’s recent silly-putty-inspired haircut makes me cringe a little **note to self, get better at cutting hair**}}}

ALSO if you would like to host a {ISRAEL AWARENESS NIGHT} in your area, please let us know ASAP! (we leave the beg of August!) We’d love to come and share! And check out our WEBSITE: WWW.MEYERSGOSEEK.COM and the Facebook page.

{Coolest Shminkes in the World}

On the subject of fabulous hosts, our dear friends the SCHMINKES rank up at the top for sure! They have become some of our dearest friends over the last couple of years since we met them in PA, rejoiced with them in adopting their girls from Haiti, helped them move to TN, tore apart and rebuilt their house, with a variety of calamities/joys/adventures along the way! They are always ready to except us road-weary travelers when we are in their part of the world  (Summertown TN). We not only got to enjoy their fellowship but they were also hosting a Shavuot gathering where we got to meet, guess what, MORE PEOPLE! ;o) Most of the 60 some people there were delightful kiddos, to include 6 little babies (Zev had some company!).

{My Little Dancer}

Maybe it was because I used to log hours dancing while I was pregnant, or maybe it was because I logged many an hour dancing with Asher in his sling, or maybe it’s because his daddy dances with him, or maybe it’s because we hang out with a lot of dancing-type people, but either way, my little man Asher LOVES TO DANCE. And this child has rhythm, let me tell you. At the Schminkes while I was taking pictures, I looked up and realized Asher had joined in on the dancing. So I decided to do the same. I hardly can think of a greater joy than to see my little 2yo munchkin praise and dance and sing with abandon.

{An Opportunity to Share}

We have been on a passionate sharing spree lately, taking every opportunity possible to share about WHAT WE ARE DOING IN ISRAEL and how people can get involved. At the end of the Shavuot evening, the Schminkes brought their big tv screen outside to balance on the grill for Jacob to use his power-point with. We are thankful for every opportunity to share, so let us know (heather@meyersgoseek.com) if you’d like to learn more or if you are interested in hosting an ISRAEL AWARENESS NIGHT in your area! www.MEYERSGOSEEK.com

Below is the front of our folded ‘business’ cards for our family – One of my most favorite Scriptures e.v.e.r. Powerful and Current.


So plenty of more pictures to see in the gallery!!!!!

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