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{BLESSING BOOK} Week 24 | Roadtrippin, Car Woes, & Plantain Head

Week 24 | June 13th-19th 2011

{Road Trips that painfully teach you Patience, Perseverance, and how to rely on Prayer}

Every time we set out for Tennessee, our vehicle sees fit to throw a fit and threat of dramatic demise. Our last roadtrip back in April found us stranded for an entire week, as we awaited a diagnosis and repair. And only an hour into our last trip to TN to work out our ISRAEL plans, we discovered a terrible oil leak, one that we nursed for the next 10 hours with a total of 12 quarts of oil. Thankfully we eventually made it to our dear friend and TN-mechanic-on-call Paul Smith of Olive Branch Automotive. After a merry-go-round of diagnosis between Paul and then the GM Dealer, we knew we had to somehow make it all the way back to PA so warranty work on our engine could begin (because we’ve had to REPLACE it before!) . So after being stranded for longer than planned (had to cancel a PA shoot! doh!) we tried to hit the road as fast and furious as our poor engine would allow. Our original plan was to drive through the night to make up for all our lost time, but after we were 6 hrs from our TN friends and 6 hrs from home, our vehicle worsened to the state we knew it wasn’t smart to get stranded in the middle of the night with two boys. So after some tears, unplanned motel moolah, and 12 quarts of additional oil, we did eventually make it home. To then be told that they didn’t want to honor the warranty. Cue some more tears. And then just after arriving home found that the engine of one of the jet skiis we were selling that night wouldn’t turn over, even though it was fine before we left. Double doh. I made the statement that if another thing with an engine died, we were gonna resort to horse and buggy.

But all that to say, it will work out. The Lord will carry us through it. A very wise friend told me all of our current struggles were just so we would learn to be in constant conversation with the Lord. I’m a stubborn person and sometimes it takes a lot to get my undivided attention. Okay Lord. You have it. So tell me what we need to learn so we can stop with all the lessons. ;o)

{Family Time WHEREVER We Are}

In all our travels, we find ourselves in other people’s homes a lot, outside our usual ‘comfort zones’. But ya know what? We do just fine. We are blessed to be able to have some amazing friends to host us when we are traveling. So it was this morning, in between our Israel meetings, that we found some room for some good ole family time. There the boys were playing on the carpet in Mama Jo’s basement, making monkey faces, and watching Zevi turn himself over for the first time. Precious stuff. ;o)



So what do you do when you’re away from home, and your child’s forehead starts some gargantuan swelling from some bizarre bug bites??? Well, this happened while we were at fellowship several Sabbaths ago, and unarmed with my usual baby-bag arsenal of green salves and bentonite clay, I did the next best thing: run out into the yard to look for some plantain. It grows nearly everywhere, and this yard was no different. So I began chewing up some leaves as fast as I could, to make a mushy green pack. Poor distressed Asher didn’t know what to think as I tried to hold him still long enough to tape (packing tape was all we had) the green goo to his head, but he eventually calmed down and took a nap. The swelling had be seriously worried but I kept an eye on it  and after he awoke from his nap I removed the goo/tape to find the redness and swelling pretty much all gone. Gotta love plantain!


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