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{BLESSING BOOK} Week 26 | New Fingers, Daddy’s Girl, & Baby Toss

Week 26 | June 27th-July 3rd

{A Successful Israel Awareness Night}

We have continued our crazy sharing spree about the work we have devoted our lives to {WWW.MEYERSGOSEEK.COM}. Our dear friend and appointed Meyers Go Seek PR manager, Crystal, helped us organize and pull of our first official ISRAEL AWARENESS NIGHT in Mt Aetna, PA. We were rather rushed in getting things ready, so the table I set up with our materials and BOOKS was pretty thrown together, to include the viney weeds I ripped out of a nearby curb to accent it. ;o) The accompanying bake sale to help the Yoder girls to get to Israel was a success (and kept Asher quiet all night as he munched on cookies)

{Zev Discovering He Has Hands}

It has happened. Little 4 month old Zevi discovered his hands. Periodically you can watch his bright blue eyes light up in wonder at the new fingers that appear before his face. Never fails to crack me up.

{Daddy’s Girl}

I was the firstborn. And I was a girl. So, needless to say I think I had my daddy’s heart from the get go. I hope I still have it ;o) I got to re-live some family road-tripping memories as me and Jacob and the boys piled into the Picard family van to head to Vermont for the weekend. I have fond memories of growing up with these road trips to visit my grandparents, and taking the ferry over Lake Champlain was always a big highlight. Back then my dad was the photographer, and always made sure to get some photos of all of us kiddos scaling the boat’s side and excitedly pointing to the approaching VT shores. Since I’m the photographer now, I definitely capitalized on our ferry time, since it was the Meyers’ boys maiden voyage!

{Fishing with Sabba}

There is many the fun past time on the lake, but Asher sure did love the fishing. So Sabba taught him the ropes of reeling and casting, while Asher perfected the game of  ‘stick-someone-with-a-hook-as-fast-as-you-can’.

{Playing Catch WITH Asher, literally}

Really now, a day at the lake wouldn’t be complete without tossing the 2 year old around. I’m not sure how I’ve raised Asher for him to be so fearless, but he remained completely stoic and non-flailing as uncle Jake and Sabba threw him back and forth. And then I found myself shouting “higher, go higher” (seeing that I was in photographer mode), and realized that Asher just must be used to his mother’s antics to get a good picture. ;o)


Bonus photos: A smattering from our time up on Lake Champlain spending time with the Picard family…..


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Stefania Bikowsky - July 26, 2011 - 12:40 pm

Your little boys are definatly the cutest……til mine come along;)
Love ya and hope and pray I can see ya’ll in Isreal this fall!