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Category Archives: Blessing Book

{Blessing Book} January 2012 | Bare Bums, Burned Hands, and Bus Meesing

Yes, it is April. How did it get there? I have no bloomin idea. After completely an entire year of weekly {BLESSING BOOK} posts and journaling of my personal happenings in 2011, I wanted to continue that in 2012! But in all the craziness that has erupted in the past couple of months, I’m thinkin […]

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{MY LIFE} Admonishment, Accomplishment, and Survival

Zevi’s face says it all. I’m trying. Trying hard to be content with the idea of being lovingly smothered. To make the best of every situation, despite the restrictions or setbacks. You might have noticed the fact that the {BLESSING BOOK} posts have been absent after the 2011 GRAND FINALE of successful photo journaling. This […]

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{BLESSING BOOK} Week 48-52 | Hebrew Ninjas, Saran-Wrapped Babies, and Lemur-Sniffing

Wow. I can’t believe it. I DID it. Little did I know that when I started my 52-week {BLESSING BOOK} project a year ago, with simple instructions to post one photo, one blessing, a week, that I would¬†inadvertently ¬†TRICK myself into journaling for an entire year! This has never happened before. In the past I […]

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{BLESSING BOOK} Week 44-48 | A Vineyard Thanksgiving, Nursing on a Camel, and Pickaxes for Toddlers

I’ve had this post open on my computer for many days now, plugging at it one-handed whenever I can. But I’m determined to finish out the first year of the {BLESSING BOOK} project! Only a few more weeks to showcase before I can put together the hard copy for print! So here are November’s weekly […]

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{BLESSING BOOK} Week 41-43 | Behind Bars, Panhandling, and a Date to a Tomb

I’ve found something out. If you wait long enough to do your {BLESSING BOOK} post (instead of doing it weekly like one should), the Blessings have become memories in the seemingly far-distant past that you get to relive and remember as you walk down memory lane! Truly, the past couple of months have flown by […]

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{BLESSING BOOK} Week 36-39 | Crusty Boogers, Bride-Snatchin, & Vineyard Potty Time

So in the times when you can become depressed on the goals you have missed of the pictures that have gone unblogged, and the {BLESSING BOOK} posts that have gotten backlogged, I was reminded of something from BY THIS BLOG POST by Creative Mama: It won’t be the photos I missed that I will haunt […]

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{BLESSING BOOK} Week 35 | Dumpster Diving, Gorgeous Vistas, and Oily Elbows

Week 35 August 28th-September 3rd, 2011 {The Amazing Hills of Judea and Samaria} What a privilege it is to be spending so much time in the amazing lanscape of Judea and Samaria here in Israel. Known to many as the ‘West Bank’, there seems to be stigma of fear and confusion that keep people away […]

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{BLESSING BOOK} WEEK 34 | Coliseums, Tripping Celebrities, & Salty Britches

Week 34 | August 21st-27th, 2011 {A Quick Splash in the Mediterranean} On our way to the RESTORING COURAGE event in Cesarea that we were given tickets to, we had a very short amount of time to to play in the Sea. So Asher had about 20 minutes to splash around which wasn’t long enough […]

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