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    I'm based in South-Central Pennsylvania, but I travel a lot, so I specialize in contemporary portraits wherever you are!

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{MY LIFE} What We’ve been Up to and Book Previews!

To say that our lives have been busy is the understatement of the century. To say that we have done crazy and wonderful things and overcome many a looming and intimidating obstacle is also understatement. We are SO blessed for the Lord to have carried us through this year – through the good and bad! […]

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Get Your FREE Israel Art Prints and help me win a CONTEST!!!!

Heyya!!! Wanted to let you know how to get some FREE Israel fine art prints from Heather Meyers Photography AND help me win a new iPad to be used for our non-profit work in Israel! THE CONTEST For this contest (on the PROSPER COMMUNITY) I had to write “I BELIEVE…” with a top and corresponding Scripture […]

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{TUTORIAL} Need A Watermark Action That Doesn’t Look Stupid

So I don’t have a lot of time. My boys are going to wake up from their naps soon. And I need to make an action to watermark my photos for my blog. I have been using LR3’s spectacular watermarking feature but now I’m using my brand spankin new STORYBOARD script, and it won’t really […]

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{BUSINESS} Packaging Senior Orders & Last Minute Crazies

So this year I’ve had some of the best clients ever! But even though I only took on a handful of 2012 Seniors, I was booking it to get all of their orders done prior to our departure to Israel. So these pictures were taken just several days before we left, as I took over […]

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{PHOTO BOOK} ISRAEL Harvest 2010 | International Photojournalist

Well I’m so proud of myself for managing to get some of my big projects done before Zev’s arrival. This included not only the ISRAEL • A Living Word in a Living Land Book but also these two whoppers: The above is our own ‘Meyers’ edition of all of our 3-month Harvest adventures last fall […]

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{PRODUCTS} Graduation Announcement Cards | Chambersburg Senior Portrait Photographer

Excited to show off what new designs my 2012 Seniors will have to choose from! The Graduation Cards are available in popular print packages and also a la carte. They are a heavy-weight folded 5×7 card with a luster finish, complete with parchment envelopes. I have only 2 bookings left for my 2012 Senior Shoot […]

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{CONTEST} A Living Land | An Israel Book Project WINNER!!!

Soooooo, I’m imagining you are all wanting to know who won THIS CONTEST. Dun, da dun. ***loooooong dramatic drumroll*** LYNN HILTON! Congratulations! You have won a hard-bound copy of the finished work! Yay! I had to smile when Lynn showed up as the winner in the randomizer. Nearly all of Lynn’s children entered the contest […]

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{CONTEST!!!!} A Living Land | An Israel Book Project

Our recent 2 and a half month stay in Israel for the Harvest season with HaYovel was amazing to say the least. The sifting through of over 6,000 photos of all of our adventures and experiences was equally epic. ;o) The pressure to CREATE something worthy of communicating the sheer AWESOMENESS of experiencing a LIVING […]

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