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    Hi I'm Heather. I'm the photographer.

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    I'm based in South-Central Pennsylvania, but I travel a lot, so I specialize in contemporary portraits wherever you are!

    So grab a cup of coffee and sit back and browse through past posts or peruse a category of interest. And you can always learn more About Me, , Friend me on Facebook, Follow me on Twitter, or Join the Fan Page. The portfolio websites below should be going live soon, so check back!!!

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Get Your FREE Israel Art Prints and help me win a CONTEST!!!!

Heyya!!! Wanted to let you know how to get some FREE Israel fine art prints from Heather Meyers Photography AND help me win a new iPad to be used for our non-profit work in Israel! THE CONTEST For this contest (on the PROSPER COMMUNITY) I had to write “I BELIEVE…” with a top and corresponding Scripture […]

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{MY LIFE} I Miss Israel

I do. I really miss Israel. So much so sometimes, it makes my insides ache. I especially miss Judea and Samaria. I miss these MOUNTAINS of Israel, which are prophetically coming alive with dunams and dunams of glorious vineyards and stately olive groves. Who’s hills are scattered with flocks and families and children abound. I […]

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{MY LIFE} My Valentine Gondola in Venice, Italy

So have any of you ever found yourselves on Valentines day in a romantic wooden gondola, gilded with cushions and golden ornaments, snuggling with your love while flowing lazily down the enchanted canals of Venice? Well I have. ;o) And it was kinda amazing. That was four years ago when my new husband and I found ourselves backpacking Italy, and […]

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{MY LIFE} Knocked Off My Feet | A Warning and Challenge to Other Photographer Mamas

What Happened So I figured I would fill you all in on the reason for me going AWOL lately from my business life, blogging schedule, and photography ventures. The verse above has been my mantra lately. A ‘joyful heart’ truly is good medicine, and I have to remind myself of this many times in a […]

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{MY LIFE} Artsy Attire | Olive and Coral

WHERE MODESTY MEETS CREATIVITY IN MY SUITCASE. Installment 2 of my new {ARTSY ATTIRE} feature finds me sportin some of ‘new’ favorite duds from the Jerusalem thrift store. Skirt: $4 American Eagle wrap from thrift store 2 years ago Green Shirt: 5 shekels ($1.30) Jerusalem thrift store Brown Tee: $3 fav cotton tee from Kohls […]

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{Best of 2011} Senior Portraits

There is no shortage of photographers posting their year-end “Best of 2011” posts. And as I would scroll through these inspiring posts of so many others’ yearly accomplishments, I’d sigh some, wondering if I’d ever reach ‘that’ level of amazingness. But then, I got this brainy idea to post my own, to reach back through […]

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{MY LIFE} Artsy Attire | The Introduction

Where Modesty meets Creativity in my Suitcase. Sooooooo, I’ve been lovingly bugged but quite a few people to start this ball a rolling. Whether in person or in emails, I’ve been requested to feature some of my ‘Artsy Attire’ for the world to be ‘inspired’ by, haha. So I’ve finally relinquished! How to perpetually live […]

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{My Life} One Word Resolution for 2012

One year ago, I posted my ONE WORD RESOLUTION for 2011. Just ONE WORD to guide my year. My goals. My attitude. The word was SERVE. And it truly was a year-long theme. It was a glorious and exhausting year. In all our transitioning/traveling/sacrificing/learning/stretching/building/creating I kept reminding myself of that one word. To serve not only […]

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