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{LOVE STORY} Zac & Becca Part II | Traveling Portrait Photographer

Okay, here is ROUND TWO of the fabulous shoot of Zac & Becca’s Love Story shoot in Kentucky!

If you missed PART 1, and want to get the full exciting story on how we made this day happen, here is is: ZAC & BECCA | PART 1

All I can say is poor. zac’s. legs. Because (as told in PART 1)the entire shoot was done in a muddy-water field, all the ‘sitting’ images are actually Zac being suspended over the mud by his leg power alone. Bravo.

Because merged images are sometimes fun. Time-consuming, but fun. ;o)

I wish you could hear the sloshy, plopping noises that accompanied their romantic ‘romp’ through the mud, hahaha.


And then the CLOUDS PARTED for all of 2 minutes, revealing some glorious blue sky…

I’m in love with this next one.

So here are some additional “BEHIND THE SCENES” photos – if you read ZAC & BECCA | PART 1 then you know the story behind the tornadoes, lethal-cornstalk-ridden rice-patty field, and the mud and the hives.

So here’s proof we were muddy.

at the right is my shoe which got sucked down into the ankle-deep mud so much so that it took TWO HANDS to pry it out. ;o)

but what a fabulous shoot. Thanks for braving the elements guys!!!

And yet some more in the gallery below. (Can you tell I had a hard time whittling them down?)


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Emily - June 3, 2011 - 1:31 am

Beautiful photos, lovely couple and what a fun shoot!


heathermeyers - June 3, 2011 - 1:50 am

Hello Emily!

I wasn’t quite sure who this “Emily” was until I followed your link to your blog – HOW YA DOING?!!!! I see your tribe is growing up fast and furiously and heard Jacob had a good time working with Brody at the Bishops over the weekend! Have you heard that we are returning to Israel http://www.meyersgoseek.com

Hannah Dubi - September 9, 2011 - 2:25 am

Absolutely beautiful photos!

My family and I (from Florida) were at FW KY this year. I browsed through your Harvest ’10 photo album…fabulous!! I’ve loved every one of your photos…you truly have a gift!!

YHWH continue to guide your hands (and feet!) as you capture so well mere fractions of His glorious creation!!

Shalom u’vrachot!