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{MY LIFE} Admonishment, Accomplishment, and Survival

Zevi’s face says it all.

I’m trying.

Trying hard to be content with the idea of being lovingly smothered. To make the best of every situation, despite the restrictions or setbacks.

You might have noticed the fact that the {BLESSING BOOK} posts have been absent after the 2011 GRAND FINALE of successful photo journaling. This is due to the fact that our lives have been a bit of a balagan over the past 2 months since we’ve been home from Israel. The monthly posts are there (and even mostly done) but I’ve been focusing lately on my family, my health, and well, kinda surviving.

Details on all that to come, but here’s another Zevi moment dually admonishing me for the fact that there have been no {BLESSING BOOK} posts and that I let Asher torment him for a good photo.

I love my babies with everything I have and until you can see the rest of all the posts, here are some to hold you over that I stole right before we pulled our new camper home out of Pennsylvania last week.

(Shot with my 5DMII Canon 50mm 1.4, edited in LR with VSCO Film)


Turning 3 soon, my toddler is turning into a BIG boy (he reminds me many times a day).

Fun fact – this sweatshirt used to be mine as a baby 😉

Zev’s got great coping/survival techniques of his own – “Look! A bird!”

But they love each other to pieces….

I thought Asher was expressive, but Zev doesn’t hold back either….

When you’re feeling all alone, a brother is there to cheer you up! 😉

With his 1st birthday this past month, he’s still getting used to those new walking legs.

And because every photographer strives for perfection…..and we ALWAYS get it, right??? 😉

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Stacy - March 28, 2012 - 6:28 am

Love the cute snaps of the kids. Children always have the most honest and expressive, well, expressions!

Always thrilled to see an update, but I’m happy to hear you’re focusing on your health and family. It can be easy to get distracted or overwhelm yourself.

Selena - March 28, 2012 - 3:06 pm

Adorable! Zev is such a big boy! I love how they have their OWN looks. Too cute!