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{MY LIFE} The Perfect Proposal

Six years ago today, March 28th, my beloved Jacob asked me to be his wife forever and always.

We were actually in Romania with a small group doing some photojournalism and aid work for a ministry there. It was an amazing time, culminating with an amazing day, catching me very off guard. Surprised even though we had spent much of the 15 weeks we had been dating talking about our wedding and lives together, as it had been apparent to us from day one that there was a reason we had never dated any other people, as the Lord has fashioned us for each other and ONLY each other.

I had written about this very special event in an ‘article’ in our wedding newspaper favors, and thought I’d repost it below as I bask today in all the amazing things the Lord has done in our lives since that glorious day.


FEATURED ARTICLE: Guide To The Perfect Proposal by W.E. Dundidit

The perfect proposal is quite elusive in its execution. But, just for fun, my assignment to conjure up the ideal scenario for proposing marriage is a pleasant exercise of the imagination.

One would naturally begin in Europe, the home and nurturer of the romantic. Springtime is appropriate, when the grass is turning over green and the first blossoms are gracing the land while the slight breeze of new beginnings breathes exuberance into the world. I would choose a secluded knoll, perhaps alongside a riverbank, where the new grass is nibbled away in places where the wandering sheep have lingered.

Prepare by carefully and secretly transporting from the city a pair of hand-picked delicate blooms of the country’s representative flower, a good touch to forever remember the locale of the magical moment. Place the flowers on top of a token of your promise inside a small ornate wooden box that you acquired from a local craftsman.

Set aside the time to escape to your tranquil location as a photographic venture to capture the sunrise. Upon arrival in the dewy predawn darkness, set up a tripod with your video camera poised to capture the dawn over the river, dually capturing the setting of the most treasured moment of your life. With everything set and the chattering birds ushering in the softening of darkness, take you place on the hill below the unaware young lady and life the box out of it’s seclusion.

Allow the moment to sink in, for the realization to wash over her as the first few rays of light wash over the countryside. Then, present the box to her, and as she lifts the blooms to her face, follow her smile with the words you’ve practiced over and over. Upon her gleeful acceptance (what else could there possibly be), turn your faces to the east, as the scarlet sun emerges fully from the clouds at the horizon. Yes, this scenario is hopelessly romantic, and the impossible complexities of accomplishing it are overwhelming, but it would be pretty perfect, wouldn’t it?

Now, although that day was as glorious as it sounds and I will never be worthy of the amazing man I have, the are a few more gritty details that didn’t make it into the article rendition that I’ll let you in on.

It doesn’t say that we were living in a very modest village in rural Romania, hiking through the poverty-stricken gypsy village we had been ministering in to get to the river.

It didn’t say that I hadn’t showered in many days (although our very gracious hosts had just installed an INDOOR bathroom complete with chicken wire to hold up the concrete).

It didn’t say how windy and brisk it was on a damp and cold Romanian March morning, where you had to plant your feet good lest you slip in the muddy spots.

But, ya know, that is our lives: glorious AND gritty at the same time. Our lives aren’t neatly manicured to perfection nor would I want them to be. I want to revel in the casual imperfections and learn to find joy in EVERY detail the Lord puts in our paths. Because He is indeed SO good, and has blessed us with SO much.

The photo above of us was taken just 2 days following the proposal, as we were in the uber romantic Budapest, Hungary to catch our flight back the US. I had my prince and a castle and fairy-tale story unlike any other. NOT without imperfections, but yet it will always be ‘perfect’ enough for me! LOVE YOU BABE!!!!

(And if you wanted to take a gander at the rest of the very custom ‘newspaper’ I had thrown together for our wedding you can find it below!)



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