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{PREVIEW} Zac & Becca’s Sunrise Wedding | Kentucky Photographer

So I know many of you have been dying for some previews from Zac and Becca’s Sunrise wedding 2 weeks ago. Now, if you weren’t there, this wedding was DEFINITELY something to experience.  {{If you’d like to learn more about “Betrothal” you can get this awesome documentary and watch the trailer HERE –  And you can also check out Sam and Angela’s Betrothal and Wedding and Zac and Becca’s post-betrothal Wedding}}

It began with as a whirlwind love story written by our Heavenly Father, which found them planning a Betrothal ceremony in only one week in Kansas City (where they got legally married) followed by a Wedding a week later in Kentucky.

Everything about their wedding was meant to be a shadow of our relationship with our Savior and Bridegroom. Beginning with the separation time of the Betrothal (which in this case was preeeettty quick) and then with not knowing the ‘day or the hour’:

“But concerning that day and the hour no one knows,not even the messenger of the heavens, but My Father only” Matthew 24:36

So, we were given notice that the wedding could be anywhere from Friday to Sunday, and upon the shofar blasts and the announcement “THE BRIDEGROOM IS COMING!!!!!!!”, the bride and guests had one hour to be at the designated meeting point.

I had the excitement of getting a call from one of the bridegrooms’ brothers at 3:30am: “You ready for a wedding?!” I guess so! After 30 min of throwing on clothes, packing baby bags and double-checking camera stuff, I then snuck my way through the campground in the dark to be stealthily picked up by all the groom’s brothers who were on their way to make the proclamation to the bride. We got to her cabin, and on cue all the brother’s shouted for all they were worth “THE BRIDEGROOM IS COMING!!!!!” And an sleepy-eyed, curler-filled-hair Becca opened the door with smiles and excited jitters! The brothers then continued on to make their way around the campground, blowing loud trumps and shouts that the time has come!!!

The getting ready time flew by and soon we were waiting on the dewy lawn in the dark with hundreds of guests awaiting the arrival of the groom. As a photographer, I admit to being slightly panicked how to get any good photos of an even that happens in the dark, but who would have thought that a car’s headlight could be such perfect accent lighting.

The anticipation peeked as the first rays of dawn were coming over the trees, the excited chatter rose, excited exclamations rang out. You could make out through the hazy darkness that here came the bridegroom, riding a horse, preceded by a band of shofar -blowing young men!

Becca broke from her patient waiting point, and she ran to meet ‘whom her soul loveth’ to cheers and clapping and shouts of joy.

They then both mounted the steed, to begin the mile long journey to the ceremony site at the Lake, followed by hundreds of guest singing and rejoicing behind them. As we neared the water, thundering drums got louder and louder, ushering in the glorious day.

After a batch of bad rainy weather, everyone was glad to see cloudless skies and golden sunlight, but the grass was plenty dewy (my poor boots were soaked through, and without feeling from the chilly predawn temps!)

The ceremony began with sunlight spilling over the lake.

Another huge plus for a wedding like this is some serious dancing and celebrating. O sooooooo, much fun. I was a bit begrudged that I needed to be photographing (and nursing my newborn!) because I missed out on a lot of the dancing!

Zac is an amazing musician, and I think everyone’s heart was more than a bit softened after he sang the song he wrote for his bride…

Their was plenty of toasting with some good Israeli wine (!) and you’ve heard of the ‘chair dance’? Well, I think this is the first time a picnic table has ever been used for this purpose. (I think my husband might have lasting shoulder trouble from this! haha) ;o)

This wedding was simply exploding with the family’s love and all the biblicaly-inspired details, from the guests with their lanterns, to the color of the shirt the groom wore – simply amazing. Talk about watching faith and deep-rooted belief come alive.

As we were waiting for family to gather for family portraits, I grabbed a few of the veeeery happy couple.

Since the day was already so full, we scheduled another photo shoot post wedding later in the week to capture their love – stay tuned for some amazing images from a field full of yellow wild flowers!

————-EDITED TO ADD—————

If you’d like to see Zac & Becca’s amazing portrait shoot in a field of yellow wildflowers {and hear about the tornadoes and torrential rain and how this shoot left me shoeless, covered in mud and hives} click on the links below!

{LOVE STORY} Zac & Becca Part 1

{LOVE STORY} Zac & Becca Part 2

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Kyle Perry - April 30, 2011 - 6:28 am

Another great shoot!

Maiden Princess - May 1, 2011 - 2:14 am

Wow Heather! I was sad to not be able to make it to FW this year or the wedding or betrothal but your pictures are so life-like that I could feel the energy and love almost as if I were there! :)

Stefania Bikowsky - May 4, 2011 - 6:39 pm

The pictures are so beautiful and Zac and Becca look so cute together! They are a match made in heaven!

Tammy Glass - May 20, 2011 - 6:47 pm

Hello Mrs Heather!
Wow what great pictures :-)
I went to family week this year and last and was at the wedding as well which was awesome! I love your blog.
Love Tammy

heathermeyers - May 20, 2011 - 7:32 pm

stefania – thank you! and yes they are, truly!

tammy – hello! FW is awesome, yes? hmmmm, must not have been able to meet you (or i maybe i did and i forgot – forgive me! lots of people!)

Tammy Glass - September 6, 2011 - 1:31 am

Hey! Yeah, FW is really awsome! Hmm, well we sorta met! No problem, Im am sure its hard to keep track of everybody :-) I commented on your outfit (I love the way you dress, its so adorible :-))Anyhow, You taught us all the dance Out of Zion by Sharon Wilbur……
You can check out our blog, its